Devise,Shoot/source and create a digital video sequence for use in an interactive media project

Storyboard stages:

Stage 1- Setting up the scene by making sure the cameras are in the right place facing the right direction and ready to record. The people in the recording need to be in the right place at each sides of the table.

Stage 2- Getting the timer ready so that when one of us finishes eating 30 chicken dippers we can stop it and calculate who wins the challenge.

Stage 3- actually eating the 30 chicken dippers whilst the GoPro records the footage.

Stage 4- The drinking challenge starts and we have to taste different drinks and see who gets the most correct. This will also be recorded.

Stage 5- Putting the video into Adobe Premiere and editing both the video and the sound ready for it to be uploaded onto Youtube.

Stage 6- Uploading the episode onto Youtube


Brainstorm- New-Mind-Map_5ema5mqe

Here is a mind map/brainstorm i created on to show my general ideas of the whole project. It shows aspects such as theme, audio, aesthetics and footage and this really helped me and my team come up with an idea for the recording.

Script outline-

Me: Hi Guys and welcome to The 30 Chicken Dipper  and drinks taste Challenge by  Challenge accepted.

Niall: The rules are simple eat 30 chicken dippers in the quickest time possible. The next challenge you will have to taste different drinks blindfolded and get as many correct as possible

Luke: However it’s not that simple. The loser of both challenges will have to do a forfeit.

Dave: This forfeit involves having a shot of nando’s peri peri sauce which is extremely hot.

Me: Let’s get started.

(Me, Niall, Luke and dave start the challenge and whatever happens is unscripted)

Me: Finally that is over and the winner was (announce the winner)

Niall: Now we will move on to drinks test challenge

Luke: Lets do this

(Me, Niall, Luke and Dave do the challenge and whatever happens is unscripted)

Dave: The drinks challenge is completed and the winner of this challenge is…(Announce the winner)

Me: Thank you guys for watching our challenges i hoped you enjoyed the video, a like, subscribe would be appreciated, leave comments down below and we will try comment back.

All of us: See You Guys Later


Legal and Ethical Issues- Obviously there will be no issues concerning racism or sexism in our videos because it would not be a suitable video for the viewers. There is also no copyright issues because all of the content including intros and outros are all content made by myself of my team members.

Target Audience- At first the target audience was going to be the younger ages but i decided to change that because my video tended to involve scenes with strong language. So my final decision on target audience is going to be 15+but aimed at young adults rather than the elderly.

Technical considerations- The file format that i will be using is .MP4 this is because when exporting the video from Adobe Premiere it will pick up sound and audio and can easily be uploaded to youtube. The file size will be quite big not sure how exact it might be but its at least a 10 minute episode so the file size should be quite big. We have used cameras and GoPros to record the footage for our episode and we decided to use these because it was all we had.We have decided to use Adobe Premiere in the editing process because its suitable and easier to understand and use.


1st week- Planning the episode

2nd week- Going round Nialls and setting up the scene. The recording stages will also be done in this week so we can move on to the hardest part which is editing.

3rd week- editing the video

4th week- Finishing touches to editing. Then i will export the footage and upload it to youtube.

Time Management- The schedule above is just one example of how my time management skills came into action because i have organized tasks for each week so it helps me and the team get everything done including the video before the deadline. If needed i would also complete some work at home.

Milestones- During the project we set milestones for us individuals and for the team which really helped us stay in target with the deadline. A few of our milestones were to get the recording done and get the editing done. Once each of those were completed we knew we were on target for the official deadline.

Quality Assurance- Obviously before we uploaded anything onto youtube we checked the quality of the footage to make sure one final time that it’s good enough and suitable to be uploaded to youtube. This way the viewers get the best entertainment possible.


Asset Management- We imported the video into Adobe Premiere where the editing stages would take place. Anything that was needed for editing was kept in one folder on my memory stick so that it could easily be found and imported into Adobe Premiere. They will all have naming conventions as well so it makes it easier to choose the files.










Review of digital video technology in interactive media in 2016

Film Trailers- Video editing is beneficial to the workers that create film trailers because it helps them make footage smaller and make the film look intense before it comes out in cinema. It is really beneficial for advertisement of films which in the long run makes them billions of dollars if the film is good. It’s good for adding music and making the film stand out from all the others and it’s especially beneficial in 2016 because films are getting better as well as trailers for those films.

Advertising- Adverts on TV are usually boring and you just want them to end. However lately adverts have been getting better and more people actually like watching them on a break of a program. This is because video editing softwares have made it possible to make the best adverts again by adding elements such as music and special effects that make everything seem so much better. In comparison with film trailers video editing again helps companies make money from what is being advertised on tv or other devices which just proves how beneficial it all is.

How and where could your video be viewed? My video can be viewed on anything that has the application youtube. This is because I will be uploading my video to youtube only meaning certain devices can not show my video. For example Mobile phones, Consoles, Smart TVs, Tablets, PC’s and laptops is the only devices where you can officially see my video.

What resolution and at what frame rate should you record live footage or capture gameplay?  The normal resolution that i will be using to record footage will be the normal 1280×720 to get the 720p quality on youtube videos there will also be the settings on youtube that allow you to change the quality to 1080p or lower depending on what you as a viewer wants. However the standard quality will be 1080p. It will be recorded at 24 frames per second

What cameras will you use to achieve your needs for resolution, framerate and video quality? The cameras we will use are a GoPro for the wide angle shots in our video but we will also be using mobile phones and standard sony cameras to record footage in different views to make the video more interesting than with just one camera.

How will you record and edit sound? The cameras that we use will pick up the sound needed to be in or video so there’s no background or added on sounds it’s just the sounds that were picked up during recording. In order to edit these sounds we had to import the footage into adobe premiere. On Adobe premiere we would cut parts from the video we didn’t need and add sounds like beeps to cut out swear words that we said during the recording.

What software will you edit with? Adobe Premiere and After Effects are the main softwares that we will be using because they’re the best softwares to use for video and sound editing. My prefered software is adobe premiere so that is the one i will most likely be using.

What codecs should you employ to hit the right balance between acceptable download speed and video quality? The wrapper type that i will be using is most likely .mp4 this is because when rendered it picks up sound and video and is playable on most devices. The main reason though is that this wrapper type can be uploaded to youtube. It is a bit of a lossless codec but the bitrates are so much better than using a wrapper type such as FFV1. I also want the full video to be HD so i’m gonna need 1136 Mbit/s for this to happen.

Subtitles give accessibility to people who are hearing impaired but also allow search engines to access your content and could be translated to other language. Yes i will need subtitles so that deaf people can see what it says so that they get just as much enjoyment as people that don’t have hearing problems. I will not have my video in different languages because my target audience is generally in the UK or english speaking countries.

Pros and cons of youtube- You can make money from youtube depending how good the footage is and it just shows you can make a career from youtube as people like ksi and pewdiepie have now got a career and earn lots of money. However the abuse that you can get on youtube is uncanny and some people are just not so good at ignoring the comments and actually tend to get hurt. Uploading videos can take a long amount of time depending on what upload speed your internet has but then again some people enjoy your content and at the end of the day its all worth it.

What is Digital Rights Management- DRM is a process that stops people stealing content from others that have already been uploaded to youtube. For example if you steal someone’s intros to a youtube video and they are pretty high up in their youtube careers then undoubtedly your video will be removed from youtube an you could even get banned from youtube. This process really helps people get recognized for the things they have made. This way more people have to be creative and come up with new ideas.

Shopping List

Shopping List

     Item                                                   Price


  • 25 Chicken Dippers (8)                     £12.00
  • Mighty Malt (1) 330ml                  £ 0.75p
  • Barr American cream soda/
  • Red Koala 2lt                                        £1.50


  • Dry Ginger Beer 1l t                           £ 0.50p
  • Shandy bass 330ml                                 £0.60p
  • Sainsbury’s diet cola basics 2lt        £0.20p
  • Dandelion and burdock 2l t £ 0.60p
  • Blue Bolt cherry and bc 250ml         £0.60p


                                                                        Total: £16.75

                                                      Each Person: £4.18


This is the shopping list for the video we are going to create. It will be paid using our own money.